The OneKind Story.

Started off in 2012 here in London. OneKind Customs started off as an idea, just like all other brands/businesses. We began by creating simple custom products such as custom lighter cases, keyrings & bracelets. At the time the brand was known as OneKind London. For years we built an identity under the name OneKind London, providing some of the best and most exclusive customs that you may find now. Unfortunately, whilst building a brand like no other, we captured the eyes of some big brands, who were not happy with us creating bespoke, custom made products unlike any other at much lower prices then there's. This is when our social media account was shut down at 12,000 Followers & our website was shut down. This continued happening for a long time. We are now on our third Instagram page, & fourth website; however, we will not stop! We will forever create the products that we do. Creating custom made streetwear. We create these products as a form of art. Showcasing a different kind of creativity. Upcycling vintage or new designer materials to create custom made items that match the wants & needs of our clients and customers.

OneKind Customs will continue forever. Here to showcase our amazing products, low prices and great customer service.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy our products & join us on our journey to the top.